Laptop Cooling Solutions, Fans & Pads for 2017.

Post pertaining to Laptop Cooling Solutions for 2017 is my buying guide for laptop cooling pads. It contains my personal experiences with a few device and information amassed online. I critiques products that had good online reputation but, fell short on performance in testing.

Laptop Cooling Solutions for 2017 are as numerous as the instances where laptop overheating occurs. Powerful laptops have a tendency to overheat during intense gaming sessions, video conferences or when many programs/windows are simultaneously open/running. 

Many online sources/reviews advocate for the purchase of Thermaltake Massive TM. I reluctantly purchased it after my Targus Cooling pad proved to be junk. The bulky Thermaltake is not the ideal laptop cooling solution promised. It’s many meritless features do little for laptop cooling. The adjustable plastic pegs that should be keeping the laptop in place pushed the laptop off rather than kept it in place.  Thermaltake’s fans are too small and weak and don’t move nearly enough air. After three months the USB port at the back of the device fell in and that was the end of that.


 Laptop Cooling Solutions Thermaltake MASSIVE TM - The Massive disappointment
Greatly disappointed by this device which looked great from online reports


Heatshift by Thermapack is an alternative that doesn’t use electricity at all.  It operates off of cooling crystals inside the pad which melt from heat. The endothermic reaction results in cooler air for fan intake on the sides of your laptop. The small mats unfortunately do not cover reasonable area underneath larger gaming laptops. Many users reported that when the crystals inside the pad melt the liquid shifts which further minimized the pads cooling potential. The pads perform poorly in vertical applications like on your lap. When the crystals melt they accumulate at the bottom and don’t cover the entire intake area for internal fans. For smaller laptops this pad performs okay. Getting a larger than needed size helps to overcompensate for the other shortcomings. offers many choices of the pad for smaller laptops. Based on amazon’s reviews Thermapack doesn’t significantly reduce the heat as promised.  

My new toy is an absolute delight.  Build from anodized aluminum, Silverstone NB04 features a huge 200mm fan. The slotted surface of NB04 makes heat dissipation easy. The incredibly stylish pad has is a fundamental flaw. The underside of the pad is completely open. This makes it 0nly ideal for flat desk surfaces, not where overheating incidences occur. Laptop overheating usually occurs in less than ideal operating conditions. When the laptop is on your lap, it would make more sense to have the underside of the pad enclosed so that the fan is uninterrupted by clothing or jagged surface edges. To circumvent the problem of the open underside I strongly recommend using this with a lapdesk of some sort. Keeping your laptop elevated will benefit your laptop dually elevating it and letting you use Silverstones amazing cooling power. As far as laptop cooling solutions go to say that this is the ideal method I do not because the product doesn’t perform ideally without flat surface use.  3 weeks later, the screws fell out.

Laptop Lap Desk is the perfect way to keep your privates safe, laptop cool and comes cushioned. Keeping your laptop elevated allows more airflow & prevents you from burning that very special area of your body. 

Similar laptop cooling solutions that provide elevation are available from Big box stores. Fellowes I-Spire Series Ergonomic Laptop Lift is one such product and is sold at your nearby Staples where products like Safco® Onyx Mesh Laptop Stand, Black, 2″ x 12 1/4″ x 12 1/4″ (2161BL) & LapGear XL Laptop LapDesk, Black are also available. 

Looking very cool due to futuristic design Opolar LC05 Laptop Cooler unfortunately underperforms. Differently from traditional cooling pads, Opolar attaches to laptop side-vents & sucks out hot air, partially relieving internal laptop fans.

Similarly, ZALMAN Notebook Cooler ZM-NC2000 Black has great build. It however, also lacks the power necessary for significant cooling. It’s mixed material solid construction with tons of ventilation holes are the product highlights not unlike those found in Cooler Master Notepal X3.  Both perform are futuristic in design and lack the cooling potential of larger fans.

The youtuber whose video is posted below expressed many ideas which I also support. I DO NOT suggest toying with insides of higher-end laptops unless you really know what you are doing. Doing so can  result in voiding of your laptops manufacturer warranties.



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