Clear Plastic Divider Mouldings

Outwater Plastics offers a variety of divider mouldings including the clear plastic divider mouldings. These high quality mouldings can be used in a variety of applications such as:
  • Frames/Signage (Store Fixture/POP)
  • Stacked Directories
  • Custom Signs and Displays
  • Outdoor Signage
  • Edge to Edge Graphics
Outwater’s clear plastic divider channels can be used in offices and professional buildings in conjunction with our cap mouldings to create custom signs and building directories without interfering with the current color scheme, design, or décor. The divider mouldings also allow for unobstructed views and a selection of the mouldings are available in sets with their coordinating cap mouldings in order to provide extra convenience for your installation. The clear h channel mouldings that we offer are manufactured from Butyrate, which offers the highest clarity of all clear plastic materials and comes closest to looking like glass. The Butyrate mouldings are also semi-rigid and have a high gloss finish. A few styles of Outwater’s clear plastic divider mouldings are available with or without adhesive for added convenience and come in 5/32” and ¼” sizes. Outwater’s extrusions are produced in manageable roll lengths and sticks for our customer’s convenience. Additionally, Outwater offers several specialty cuts including:
  • Standard Cut: Cutting extrusions to specific lengths that can be shipped via UPS or FedEx.
  • Non-Standard Cut: Cutting extrusions to sizes other than those specified by the standard cut.
  • High Tolerance Secondary Cut: Cutting for immediate jobsite use and specified lengths/tolerance.
  • In Line Cut: Cutting for custom extrusions with the highest tolerances for your specified lengths.
Our vast selection of extruded profiles and shapes are stocked in Outwater’s New Jersey and Arizona facilities, making delivery and shipping faster and more convenient for every customer. Our in-house engineering allows for the production of custom extrusions to meet our customer’s needs. If you’re having difficulty finding the plastic h-channel extrusion you need please contact our sales department. Outwater’s maintains an extensive collection of stock dies that are available along with a free sample program for our customers. Larger samples are also available for all customers who wish to build a prototype for their project.