Why not penny auctions!

Ever see an advertisement for a penny bidding sites like D..ldash.com and such on TV and felt tempted by the awesomely low price for some of the things that you really want? Here are a few reasona why not to do it

  1. 1) Although the increments are only 1 penny each bid can cost as much as 18 cents.
  2. 2) Hundreds of people compete for the same item and you must get your bid in before the auction gets to $5 or you are out of the race
  3. 3) Sometimes they have a special forgoing the 1 cent increments and all that is needed is the bid. Result: Product goes for “half of its value” per-say, Truth $250/.01*.18=$4,500 that you the users just payed for a tablet.
  4. 4) The truth is save your money for something worth while. The chance of you winning is very, very, very slim